About Us

Leedaz in Outdoors are dedicated to supplying our clients with High Quality, Eco-friendly, Light Weight, Compact, User Friendly and Innovative products for use in the Great Outdoors. 

Whether for a sole traveller, a family camping adventure or the outdoor BBQ areas we have the products you need. Space in transportation has been a menace in the past, but never again, with our Compact goods. Leedaz in Outdoors are Three Generations of Outdoor loving people, living in the most beautiful country in the world that provides us with endless outdoor opportunities. Why not embrace products to suit?

Our key focus is to minimise the bulky loads of products. Leedaz in Outdoors products are inspired by things that can compact and be easily stored and transported. Whether it be for the outdoors, at home, camping, caravanning, 4WD enthusiast, adventurer or the family. These products have you in mind.

Be the Leedaz in environmental change, Re-use to Reduce Waste. We are an Australian company looking to protect the future for all.