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Reusable Cooling Scarf



Felling to Hot in this Heat? Need Relief? Our Reusable Cooling Scarf will help you stay cool even on the hottest of days.





Keep cool in the heat with our ‘Summer Cooler Scarf’

Stay Cool even on the Hottest days
Reusable Cooling Scarf, stays cool for up to 24 hours, Fully Reusable simply Re-Soak in Cool or Cold Water or Under a Cold Running Tap

The Crystalline Polymer Beads form the Intense Cooling Gel by using the water evaporation cooling principle

This clever technology Cooling Scarf works well in Hot and Humid Conditions to Cool the Neck and Upper Spine, Wrist and Head.

Simple soak the Cooler Scarf in Cool or Cold Water for approximately 10 minutes until Crystals have expanded, Pat Dry with Towel and You are Ready for Use. Tie around you neck, head or wrist for the instant cooling sensation.

Great for days out in the Sun, School, Beach, Camping, Hiking, Gardening, Working and Anywhere you need to keep cool, also make a great accessory on a Hot day out!


  • Cools the body temperature fast
  • Reduces Effects of Heat Exhaustion
  • Stays Cool and does not require refrigeration
  • Fully Reusable simply Re-Soak in Cool or Cold Water or Under a Cold Running Tap


  • Length: 98cm approx
  • Colours/Design: Paisley Design in Red, Black, Blue, Orange

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Reusable Ice Cooler Scarf and Instructions of Use

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Red, Orange, Navy Blue, Black